Request to Politicians Everywhere

With a pretty major election coming up in my area, I wanted to take a few minutes and give all politicians everywhere a piece of advice for attracting millennial voters. This works across party lines. Liberal, Conservative. Left Wing, Right Wing or somewhere in between, doesn’t matter. Take a stance! When you’re asked a question … Continue reading Request to Politicians Everywhere


Habits I’ve Inherited

Every family has quirks and habits that are unique to their household. These are often started by parents and "inherited"  by kids through...osmosis? After an interesting lunch with my sister, I realized we've both inherited a lot of these habits. Pronouncing words how they're spelled rather than how they sound. In fairness, this one was … Continue reading Habits I’ve Inherited

Best-selling ENTERTAINMENT product of all time…is a Video Game!

For every Baby Boomer who told me growing up that "video games are a waste of time and money"...I have news! Based on some trusted news sites, (and the radio on my way to work this morning), The video game Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) is now the: "Best-selling entertainment product in history, eclipsing any medium." - … Continue reading Best-selling ENTERTAINMENT product of all time…is a Video Game!