Hi-Fi Stereo’s New Life

For today’s post I’m going to showcase something a little different than I normally do on this blog. (Who know’s, if it’s popular maybe i’ll do more posts like this)

As a Millennial who wants to have nice things, sometimes you have to take what you can get and make them work.

Forget “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.
Let’s go with “Refinish, Re-purpose, Refurbish”.

A few years ago, my grandmother got to a point in her life where she could no longer live in her home by herself. She needed more assistance and care than we could offer her, and unfortunately she had to move to a retirement community.

Part of this move then involved selling her home and sorting out what to do with her 75+ years of accumulated stuff.

In amongst these belongings was an old stereo hi-fi cabinet.

Hi-Fi Stereo CabinetIsn’t she beautiful!

As soon as my wife saw this, she knew we had to have it!

There were a few clear…issues…though.
For one, it didn’t work (SHOCKING, I know…). The old stereo and record player were just to old and unused to be serviceable anymore. The speakers had popped and were entirely useless. Essentially what we “had to have” was an old, large, wooden box full of ancient electronics.

After ripping out all the insides and sanding the whole thing down I decided that the record player aspect was nice looking…but not very practical. (We don’t own any records…)

What we do own are a lot of CD’s! (90’s kids…)

I took an old walk-man CD player and opened it up. The idea was to fabricate something that LOOKED like a record player…but played CD’s.

After a bit of fiddling I sorted out that the CD player consisted of 5 main points to worry about. Play Button, Stop Button, Next Track Button, Previous Track Button and a button that determined whether or not the lid of the CD player was open or closed. (pfft safety features…)

img_20150822_122524.jpgAfter a fun filled afternoon of messing about, I was left with the above. The button connections had all been re-wired out to some simple push buttons, and the lid closed switch had been “overridden” (sounds way more official than super glued down).

Then I cut a few pieces of wood to build a new case and spray painted what was left of the original CD players case.


With a few old speakers I found in my parents house and a new stereo I found cheap on amazon, it was time to put it all back together.

Add few coats of paint and some bright new fabric for the speaker area and…voilà!


There’s nothing more satisfying than getting creative and bringing new life to something old.

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