Planning for DEATH!

The most ADULT THING EVER! It really doesn’t get any more adult then discussing death.

It felt topical though since

“Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.”

Eventually everyone dies…or to put into words my fellow millennial’s will understand “Valar Morghulis”.

Last Will & Testament

I have been the recipient of a Will. It’s one of the biggest reasons my wife and I were able to purchase our home. But realistically, I’ve never really seen a reason to have my own.

I mean my wife and I have discussed who get’s our organs…that counts right?

As a a married, childless, 29 year old couple…what do we have worth leaving? Besides the dog and cat (that are technically legally mine), everything else worth anything is already in both of our names.

Our house was purchased in both our names and our bank accounts already have named beneficiaries.

“I bequeath onto you my student debt, crippling anxiety and box of Kraft Dinner.”

The reality is most Will and Testaments written by young people will never be read. And that’s a good thing! — except maybe by our future selves, nostalgic for the time when a $20 ukulele was a prized possession —

However, since my wife and I now own our own home and are not looking to have kids (sorry mom and dad) , it is actually the perfect time for us to write our wills. Writing them now means they can basically be forgotten for the next foreseeable future. Unless one of us wins the lottery, there isn’t likely much to change.

If you’re a single millennial (or just not in a ‘serious’ relationship) it’s still probably a good idea to write out something basic of how your belongings should shake out. Whether it’s your parents, siblings or even friends, leaving some idea what is supposed to happen when you die is a good plan.

Which leads directly into my next topic….

Funeral Arrangements

Another fun planning session…

For those of you reading this with a religious faith…congratulations…the bulk of your plan was written years ago.

For those of you without, where to start…

  1. Burial? Cremation? Donation to Science?
  2. Do you want a viewing? a wake? a visitation?
  3. Do you want your body present?
  4. Are there any readings or songs you want? or especially DON’T want?
  5. Do you have particular people for particular roles? Euologists, Pallbearers, etc.?

There are dozens of other questions that could be asked here.

The biggest thing is just making sure someone (a loved one) has some idea which way you lean. If your preferred method of disposal is a confetti cannon, make sure someone knows before they start digging a hole.

The standard answer (and I’m guilty of this) “I don’t care, I’ll be dead…” is NOT helpful.

Ultimately your death will be a difficult time for the people around you, and having to THINK about what you may or may not want just adds to the unpleasantness.

A casual conversation with a few key points will go a long way in easing the burden.


PS: For anybody who read this whole post, I know it was WAY to adult and depressing…I’ll try and go a little lighter next time.


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