What do you do for fun?

One of the most frustrating questions to be asked as an adult.

It comes up when you meet potential new friends. It comes up when you “meet the parents” of the person you’re dating. It’s even one of the most annoying job interview questions to be asked.

Nobody I know has a real answer to this (or at least not one they’re comfortable giving).

The first answer everybody thinks to give is “Netflix?”…and as honest as that is, it just sounds awkward.

For me, the first thing that pops into my head is always “Video Games?”
…equally lame answer.

Every knee jerk answer a Millennial has to this question always makes us sound like we’re still 11 years old (instead of pushing 30). 

I guess it’s not that these answers are lame. They are probably what the majority of us still spend most of our time doing. And it’s not even that we don’t “do them for fun”, but the question is really looking for hobbies, not just random weeknight decompress activities.

When I actually think about it, I have lots of “adult appropriate” hobbies I do for fun. Wood working, DIY, Gardening, Walking the dog, Reading, Sports/Exercise.

But why don’t any of the “adult” things come to mind instantly?

I have a theory! (or to sound more adult, I have a hypothesis!)
Simply put, those hobbies still sound like “chores”.

As Millennial’s we grew up being told “Stay young forever.” or “Don’t get old.”.
This subtle war was waged from all angles. Ever re-watched a movie you loved as a child where the adults are the villains and think “man those kids are ass-holes…”? Welcome to adulthood.

As a result, it became considered “boring” to be an adult. Things I hated doing as a kid, (like gardening), became fun as an adult. But my brain, still labels gardening as a “chore” rather than “something I do for fun”.

Despite being an adult and WANTING to give an adult answer, my brain also still wants me to sound “hip and cool”.

simpsons meme

I think we all HAVE an answer to the dreaded “What do you do for fun?” question. (several answers in fact). We just have to accept the fact that they aren’t what our younger-selves used to think was fun. We got old(er)


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