Habits I’ve Inherited

Every family has quirks and habits that are unique to their household. These are often started by parents and “inherited”  by kids through…osmosis?

After an interesting lunch with my sister, I realized we’ve both inherited a lot of these habits.

  1. Pronouncing words how they’re spelled rather than how they sound.
    In fairness, this one was done intentionally to help us as kids, but has had much longer lasting effects then intended. Examples include:
    Scissors (pronounced SKIS-ORS),
    Knife (pronounced K-NIFE *no such thing as silent letters*),
    Environment (pronounced EN-VI-RON-MENT *heavy emphasis on the RON*),
  2. The phrase: “Use this one until you find the one you’re looking for.”
    Both my mom and dad used this one a lot if any of us were looking for something and asked them for help. As soon as they would find it they would hand it to us and quip “Use this one until you find the one you’re looking for”…despite this clearly being “the one” we were looking for.
    (I caught myself saying this to my boss the other day. I would NOT recommend doing that)
  3. The phrase: “It is what it is”.
    Another very popular saying in my house growing up. I use this CONSTANTLY.  To the point, where I didn’t realize it wasn’t a more normal thing to say. It wasn’t until a coworker pointed it out that I realized.

    I use it often enough that I’ve manged to pass it on to my wife. I phoned my mom the other day and she used it 3 times in one phone call. I guess we are just a “roll with it” kind of family.

  4. The phrase: “Keep your stick on the ice”. (clearly I’m Canadian)
    This one is impressive since it had a universal meaning to myself and all 3 of my siblings, without ever needing an explanation. Throughout our entire lives, none of us can really remember hearing the words “I love you” from our dad. Don’t get me wrong, my dad loves ALL of us a TON.

    He just doesn’t use those 3 words to tell us. Instead he tells us to “Keep your stick on the ice”.

I’ve always been “on the lookout” for signs I’m “Becoming my parents”. I always expected them to be obvious and blatant. I would just wake up one day and look in the mirror and my dad would be starring back at me. But that’s not how it happens…

Instead its slow. Gradual. Minor quirks that you don’t even realize were unique to your parents or household. They’re just part of you. My wife can’t put onions on her hamburger without whispering “Onion POWER!”. We have her father to thank for that.

Who else has any solid phrases or habits unique to their household upbringing.
Let me know in the comments how you’ve been slowly morphing into your parents.


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