Request to Politicians Everywhere

With a pretty major election coming up in my area, I wanted to take a few minutes and give all politicians everywhere a piece of advice for attracting millennial voters.

This works across party lines. Liberal, Conservative. Left Wing, Right Wing or somewhere in between, doesn’t matter.

Take a stance!

When you’re asked a question about an issue or topic that is important to voters…just take a stance. Full disclosure individuals may not agree with your stance, but at least we can respect you for taking one.

There is nothing worse than a politician being asked if he or she supports/agrees with something and listening to them stammer and stumble through a half-sincere, flip-flop, non-answer.

Remember, Millennials can see through “Maybe’s”. We grew up on them. Born into them. We ARE Maybe’s!

Tiny Millennial: Mom can we get ice cream?
Mom: Maybe.
Tiny Millennial:….that’s a no….

Facebook invite: Sam’s having a party this weekend. Will you be attending?
Teenage Millennial: Maybe.
Facebook:…that’s a no….

Adult Millennial: Do you support gay marriage?
Politician: Maybe. I need to consult with my campaign team.
Adult Millennial:…that’s a no….

I understand life isn’t black and white. Issues are shades of grey and thing’s sometimes do take more than a yes/no answer. But “Maybe” isn’t grey.


3 thoughts on “Request to Politicians Everywhere

  1. The point about not taking a stance is so true. Politicians do mental gymnastics in answering their questions when a simple “No and this is why…” is completely fine. At least it’s honest…but I guess honesty is asking too much. It’s almost like taking a stance is the worst position imaginable and the politician handbook seems to say… “Be as Ambiguous as possible but throw some keywords in there like “America-Made” and “Terrorism equals Bad” to throw them off! Now with more videos and social media they can barely get away with it. For example, just imagine someone way back in the day like Abraham Lincoln campaigning. A politician back in the 1800s – 1900s could literally tell each state a different thing and no one would barely know. WIth video in the hands of all Americans, it’s almost comical to hear a politician say, “I didn’t say that.” and watch as they cringe being shown a video of it. The word gymnastics is just so crazy these days. It’s funny how you point out that we millennials were trained to understand “Maybes” mean “no”. So true. lol. Good post!

    – Teri


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